Thank You for stopping by Academy Of Canines!

For those of you who are new here or those of you that might not be up to date on things,

Academy of Canines is no longer training.

This has come with a huge heartbreak...The dog world is one of my favorite worlds you know ;)

but sometimes life steps in and you do what you have to do.

With myself, that includes taking care of my husband full time who is a Disabled Veteran.

Don't worry, I haven't left you all! I will be changing the web site to a FREE place to learn about

dog training, health, safety, etc. as I have time to.

You know me ;) I LOVE the dogs and what joy they can bring to all of us!

This is not a goodbye, it's a page in life turning...

Dogs are a huge part of my heart and soul and nothing will ever change that!

So...until we meet again if you need direction to a trainer or organization in your area

PLEASE feel free to still email me and I will direct you if possible!

Thank you are truly Family!